Are you feeling exhausted with the hectic and tiring work every day? Is it that you haven’t had some time off for yourself and your close ones? Are you tired of striding into the malls in the weekend and grabbing boxes of pop corns in those sponge seats of the multiplexes? Well, if you are tired of maddening crowds and chaos of the city, then you certainly need a change. You are anxiously waiting to escape into a weekend getaway into a fun-filled land full of activities.

Have a perfect time

Now, if you are located somewhere near Delhi, then you can plan a superb weekend getaway for a refreshing experience. You can come over to Gurgaon, a highly popular tourist retreat, and spend some fantastic moments at our Awara Adventure Farm Resort Gurgaon. Here, you would find a perfect retreat for a weekend and spend some quality time experience the lush greenery, refreshing air, nice and pleasant ambience. You would love to explore our top-class resort that is nestled miles away from crowding Delhi city.

Ideal destination

The Weekend Getaways Resort is settled on the Aravalli hills where you would love to explore the bounties of beauty. Our resort is a perfect stop for families, couples, friends and individuals looking to unwind themselves in peace, calm and serene environment. You can plan a perfect tour to Gurgaon, with your family.

Spend fantastic moments

The place is filled with unending adventures to thrill the adventure and nature lovers. Also, the kids would love to entertain themselves at our resort. The romantic couples would love to spend some peaceful moments in the lap of the tranquil environment of our resort. The spacious rooms offer you complete freedom from your usual mundane life and offer you peace of mind. You would love to cuddle around while enjoying the spectacular views of the Aravalli hills.

Our accommodations

The rooms at Awara Adventure Resort Gurgaon are spacious, clean and sparkling with all the modern amenities and facilities. You can spend a cosy time at our pool, sauna, spa and gym. Gurgaon is an ideal destination for day trips, weekend getaways and family picnics. With marvellous tourist spots, our resort is an added attraction in Gurgaon.

We maintain a healthy environment for you! You can easily reach our resort by car and stop over for a weekend.

Our hospitality

We boast of our top-class service and would be pleased to serve you. Come over to savour the luscious drinks and delicious food amidst welcoming environment. You can also engage in some exciting activities like paintballs, gun shooting, etc. besides trying the adventure activities in Gurgaon.