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Chatkalsky Reserve

This vital national park is arranged in the western Tian-Shan and offers the guest unspoilt common vistas, an extent of uncommon greenery and numerous sorts of outside exercises.


Khiva, settled more than 2500 years prior, has found something like 300 miles to the northeast of Bukhara and has been exceptional saved than either Bukhara or Samarkand. The first city dividers are as of now standing and little has changed since the eighteenth century. Despite the fact that the city itself has been transformed into a historical center, some individuals are beginning to live here again and it is conceivable to envision the clamoring business, renowned for managing in catching Persian and Russian slaves.


Nukus is home to the Karakalpakstan Art Museum and the State Museum. In the State Museum, you’ll see accumulations of antiques from archeological burrows, conventional adornments, ensembles and musical instruments, and in addition showcases of imperiled and terminated vegetation, and the natural calamity including the Aral Sea.


Samarkand was established more than 5000 years back and its society created with a mix of Indian, Iranian and Mongolian impacts alongside some western impact too.

Go for a climb

It is conceivable to go ice jumping on the Gissar, Matcha and Turkestan edges; and rock hopping on vertical rock confronts in the Fan Mountains and on the Matchi Ridge.